Product instructions

To plumb an AME Tilting Hitch

These are the plumbing options - 1. Spool Valve. 2. Half Breaker Valve. 3. Diverter Valve.

1. Spool Valve

Using a spool from the main bank is the most preferred way to plumb the TILTING HITCH. You will need to use the pilot pressure to operate the spool valve.
Source the oil from under the cab from the tank side of the isolating lever. You will require VALVE No 4WEG J 6XLE 24V N9KE MOTOR Spool to operate the spool. This requires electric hand control with LEFT and RIGHT buttons.

2. Half Breaker Valve

When the excavator has hammer plumbing it uses half the spool with the hammer piped backed to tank Use VALVE No 4 W E G C 6 X S G 24 VOLT to pick up oil from pilot pressure from the tank side of the isolating lever to operate HALF the spool. Pipe the oil from the spool valve to VALVE 4 W E 6 E 6 E C 24V to allow you to operate the TILT left and right. You will require 2 electric diodes between the pilot valve and the directional valve to block electric feed back.
This requires an electric hand control with left and right Buttons.

3. Diverter Valve

When there are no spools available, use a 6 port diverter valve No SVB 04 9L 24V. This valve is good for 90 litres per min, and is a good option to be placed in line to OFFSET BOOM, AUGER or BUCKET cylinder with a button in the lever.
OIL tube lines are to be no less the ½ inch, on Boom and Dipper arm.

X LINE RELIEF VALVES are NOT REQUIRED as TILT is designed to operate at machine pressure. Low oil flows and pressures reduce the SPEED and efficiency of this ATTACHMENT.
This attachment is an extension of the operators HANDS so give him a GO.

To install Hydraulic Valves to operate an AME Quick Hitch

The Quick Hitch will be plumbed from the following Ports - 1. Test port direct in the main pump. 2. Pump for pilot controls. 3. The Bucket cylinder on dipper arm.

*At all pick up oints you should use a non return Valve or Check Valve NO SK7A1 between the Pump and Valve.

1. Test port direct in the main pump

Pick up oil from the main Pump you should use a pressure REDUCING and DIRECTIONAL valve No OP 137 24 volt. Set the reducing Valve to 200 BAR or 2500 psi.
This valve with the check valve in line will maintain a constant pressure to the Quick hitch cylinder and will reduce the risk of OVER PRESSURE or the LACK of pressure.

2. Pump for pilot controls

To pick up oil for the Quick hitch from PILOT oil supply use the check VALVE No SK&AI at the point of pick up, and then use 4WEG C 6XLE 24V N9KE valve to control the oil direction. This oil pressure is lower than the main pump, therefore you do not require a reducing valve.

3. The Bucket cylinder on dipper arm

Picking up oil from the BUCKET cylinder on DIPPER ARM, requires two check valves. One at the point of pick up and one on TANK return to stop the Cylinder pressure from DISCONNECTING the Quick hitch. You require 4 WECG C 6 X IE 24 V valve to direct the oil.


  • We recommend you use 3/8 hydraulic tube.