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AME Tilting Quick Hitches Pty Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture and servicing of equipment for the earthmoving industry.

We are the manufacturer of the award winning original Tilting Quick Hitch and other excavator attachments. We are committed to selling tough, reliable and versatile equipment that will save the operator time and money.

AME Tilting Quick Hitches Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated business with over 25 years experience fabricating high quality earthmoving implements. We are big enough that you can trust our reliability and small enough that we care for you and your business.

Design Excellence

The founder, Andrew Millwood, designed Ausralia's toughest and most reliable tilting quick hitch which is now used by hundreds of customers in Australia and has expanded its client base to international destinations.

In 1979 Andrew was a self employed excavator owner/operator who saw the need for an excavator to be able to operate effectively on uneven surfaces. He was convinced that the machinery could be made more versatile, productive and cost effective if an attachment could be fitted to allow the bucket to be tilted.

He started developing his Tilting Quick Hitch, a radical new hydraulic swivel attachment, which allow the excavator buckets to be tilted up to 35° to the left and right.

In 1981 Andrew won a Tasmanian Productivity Improvement Award for the Tilting Quick Hitch and also a Small Business Award from the (then) Tasmanian Development Authority, in the same year.

A new factory

Lacking support for his new design and seeing the need for this product, in 1987 Andrew set up his own factory to produce and market the Tilting Quick Hitch.
His perseverence and foresight proved worthwhile. Since then, the Tilting Quick Hitch has proved its reliability and effectiveness. It saves time and money. Operators can easily work excavators in confined spaces and on uneven surfaces. The AME Tilting Quick Hitch is in high demand from businesses throughout Australia and internationally.

In 2006 AME Tilting Quick Hitches Pty Ltd expanded its operation to its current purpose-built factory and uses state of the art machinery to produce the strongest, most reliable tilting quick hitch on the market.

This tradition of excellence in design and production has continued by the current General Manager, Kurt Millwood and the skilled team at AME.